iPhone Apps: From Idea to Implementation

October 16, 2009 – 3:29 pm

Ask anyone working at an ad agency or interactive firm these days and iPhone applications are hot.

They’re new, exciting and fun to play around with. The amount of innovation happening in mobile is amazing with major brands launching apps as well as new players emerging, such as RedLaser, an iPhone app for barcode scanning and comparison shopping.

There’s new stats coming out everyday in regards to iPhone dominance, but, honestly, I still prefer my BlackBerry for business use over my iPhone. Traveling and personal use? The iPhone wins hands down. And people love their iPhones as the satisfaction index shows in the presentation below (except for battery life, which I’m sure Apple is working on).

Also in the presentation is a prediction by Gartner that the Google backed Android platform will be the leader in the space in the next few years.

This presentation wasn’t meant to be comprehensive, since new information is coming out everyday. Just to get the conversation started.

If I have a few words of advice – don’t spend your whole mobile budget on iPhone app development. For one, plan on multiple point releases of an app, publishing updates / enhancements at least once per quarter.

Second, make sure you hold on to some funds for promoting the app to get the number of downloads you need to make the development investment worthwhile.

And lastly, keep in mind that iPhone apps aren’t perfect for every brand and product and don’t cover the full market (under 15%). Keep in mind that although smartphone use is growing quickly, there are still a lot of consumers with old phones or non-Apple devices. SMS is still the best mobile marketing tactic when it comes to reach as it’s supported on almost every current phone.

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