Mobile: Drivers, Usage & Statistics

November 12, 2009 – 1:34 pm


I listened to a webinar today on mobile presented by Omniture, eMarketer and uLocate called Don’t Worry, Be Appy: Measuring Customers, Smart Phones and App Usage. It was packed with statistics and trends that’s worth sharing. It’s available for free online viewing or download.

Summary below:

Do you want to know how successful your mobile marketing efforts are?  There’s an app for that!  Well… not exactly.

Mobile marketing is a growing area of investment for many companies.  Whether that includes local search ads, text ads or mobile applications, marketers are seeing mobile as an opportunity to reach consumers in ways and places that other media cannot. 

We invite you to join Noah Elkin, Senior Analyst at eMarketer, and Matt Gross, General Manager at uLocate Communications as they discuss:

  • Drivers of successful mobile marketing
  • Important data regarding mobile growth that can help you build a business case
  • Gaining customer insight from mobile application measurement

If you haven’t yet begun mobile marketing, this webinar will give you the information to convince your boss that you should.  If you have, you’ll learn how to take your marketing to the next level through app measurement and analysis.

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  2. Experts have talked about this before. How many times have you read about the importance of ‘adding value’ for your audience? How many times have you read about ‘building trust’ with your readers/prospects?
    Many, many times. You know it well. Every marketing guru has spoken about this topic. I’m sick of hearing it. But it STILL bears repeating.


    By coetsee on Dec 27, 2009

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