Tracking Innovation at TechCrunch Disrupt

May 24, 2010 – 12:10 pm

TechCrunch Disrupt

I’m at TechCrunch Disrupt the next couple days. I was able to bundle the event with some other meetings in New York, so it worked out well.

Summary so far: the next wave of innovation is about social, mobile & building relationships through engagement across channels – something that we, at Barkley, are attacking head on (and why I’m here at the event).

There are representatives from the majority of technology related companies, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Foursquare, Blippy – you name it, they’re probably here.

I’m not sure of the exact number of attendees, but it’s standing room only. There’s a huge venture capital presence, in addition to startups, press, technologists & executives from around the world.

Will the next Facebook be funded at the event? I haven’t had a chance to walk through Startup Alley, but I think there’s some good potential here to get some ideas off the ground.

More than 1,000 innovators from Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley and abroad convene in New York City to gain market insight and develop new business at Disrupt.

Executives from high-tech and media sectors attend Disrupt to stay abreast of the latest thinking, network in a unique atmosphere of concentrated innovators, and develop new business ideas.

Technologists attend to see what the competition is up to, hear from leaders in the field, and team up with other geeks to go all-out developing during Hack Day or create something new at the Builder Bar.

Startups attend to gain exposure leading venture and angel funders from both coasts and bring their product to market. Our early-stage-only Startup Alley offers your team entrance to the event for less than the cost of two tickets, and it’s front and center in our floorplan. All because we want Disrupt to support your innovation. If you’re already a big fish, look into exhibiting with us — and join sponsors such as Google and Zoosk.

Investors attend to see upcoming trends and products before the competition does and develop new business.

Press, bloggers and policy influencers attend Disrupt to gain crucial insight into market developments. This can’t-miss event will pull back the curtain from typical tech-conference platitudes for real content –and real relationships.

Sponsors ally with us to make an amazing event, integrating their services and gaining access to the creative crowd packed with early adopters and active investors, as well as developing small business, tech titans, and everything in between.

Disrupt is for the disruptors — And everyone else who doesn’t have time to lament broken business models. There’s too much new business to get done.

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