Online Privacy, Facebook, Google TV, iPhone, HTC EVO – June 2010 KCUR Up To Date Tech Show Summary

June 10, 2010 – 12:02 pm

KCUR Up To Date with Steve Kraske

We live our lives in public – at least online. With every move made online indexed and aggregated into individual customer profiles, there is nowhere to hide on the World Wide Web.

Google indexes everything, collecting information from our computers, mobile devices, e-mail and now even through television. Google searches still account for the majority of Google revenue, but that will change over time.

Although commonly known as a leading collector of personal data, Facebook trails behind Google with approximately 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) posted on the site each month.

With so much information floating in cyberspace, there are even emerging services that aggregate information specifically from social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Pandora and LinkedIn. Collecting the personal information of others has become a business, making everything you put on the web public domain.

Today, Steve Kraske sits down with “Tech-sperts” Dustin Jacobsen, director of Social Media and Technology at Barkley, and Justin Parlette, support systems administrator at University of Missouri – Kansas City. We’ll review the issue of online privacy.

Jacobsen and Parlette will also discuss the latest technology gadgets and trends, including Google TV, the Sprint HTC EVO, the soundproof stadium built for the World Cup and more.

A few highlights:

  • What information exists online? What information is shared and why?
  • Is all information online public? If it’s online, it’s public.
  • It’s not just information we share, but information others share about us
  • The power of aggregations – Netflix and Facebook mashups
  • Balancing privacy and costs – ad-based social networks
  • Employers are looking at your public information
  • Public is the new private – Zuckerberg, Facebook
  • Where do we draw the line with information we share?
  • Where do people find the time? It’s a shift of communication methods – the new water cooler
  • The growth of mobile has enabled engagement on the go
  • Google TV sounds interesting, but we won’t learn much more until it’s released this fall
  • Will Facebook, Hulu & others offer paid versions that are ad-free?
  • Facebook & others offer several advertising options, including the ability to target by demographics
  • iPhone 4 vs. Sprint HTC EVO – do we need 4G?
  • Battery life for mobile devices still needs to improve

Download the full audio from the broadcast

One of the articles that I wanted to call out was that with all of the complaints about Facebook, they continue to grow: Privacy, Schmivacy: Facebook Is Attracting Near-Record Numbers Of New Visitors

Reclaim Privacy was a site that was referenced by Justin that can help you understand privacy settings and concerns.

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