2012 Digital Trends from eMarketer

April 6, 2012 – 7:54 am

I’m a sucker for good, free research. One of my favorite sources is eMarketer and I reference their research all the time in meetings and conversations. I’ll be sharing some of my other favorites in the future, such as Forrester, Marketing Sherpa and others.

I highly recommend following eMarketer on SlideShare, Twitter and checking out their email newsletters.

One presentation I seem to be referencing quite a bit lately is the eMarketer 2012 trends report.

eMarketer Webinar: Key Digital Trends for 2012

eMarketer 2012 Key Digital Trends


  • Individuals are consuming content and interacting with brands through a variety of devices, including smartphones, ereaders, tablets.
  • Brands are looking for new ways to share their content and connect with consumers through social media, online music & online video – all areas that are hot and growing.
  • Social, search, mobile and local/location-based components all influence the shopping experience and ultimately the buying decision at the point of purchase.
  • Privacy is important to consumers, but it’s a complicated balance as consumers are sharing more data and want more relevant targeted ads but don’t want big brother snooping around to use the data against them or in an unexpected manner.

What is your favorite source for marketing research?

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