Top 5 Holiday Ads of 2012

December 22, 2012 – 2:27 pm

Holiday ads are designed to tug at our heartstrings…and wallets. This year is no exception. As in years past, Target and Apple have some of the best commercials but Lowe’s has a new campaign to inspire the inner Griswald in all of us.

Last night, Apple began airing a sentimental ad showing the benefits of FaceTime on the iPad. This bittersweet ad shows how Facetime can bring us together with far away family. I’ve posted a few times before on Twitter how great FaceTime is while traveling.

Kudos to Lowe’s for making excessive Christmas lights cool and classy. Lowe’s “Lights Across America” campaign shines with holiday spirit. Set to the tune “Shine for Me” by Camera Can’t Lie, the commercial is heartwarming to even the Grinch.

The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association (RAMA) recently revealed the stand-out holiday commercials of the season and Target topped the list.

Target’s kitschy TV ads are fun and over the top. The two Target holiday characters make fun of our love of material things this holiday—but we’re all in on the joke. This is one of the ads for Black Friday.

This 15 second ad for the Target Red Card was one of my favorites for the pure randomness of it all. Target mixes the classic “Hallelujah” with a pitch for a credit card—but the result is fun not offensive. And, who hasn’t wanted to grab hold of the intercom at least once in their life? I still need to check that one off the list at some point in the future – I’m just waiting for the right opportunity.

Finally, Macy’s brings old school glamor to their Christmas ads with their “What’s in Store” TV campaign. The campaign features Florence Henderson, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Martha Stewart, the Donald and more. Here’s one of the many ads from Macy’s “What’s in Store” ad blitz. I give Macy’s credit for even attempting to get that many celebrities into a single ad.

Happy Holidays!

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